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Review: Pixie Lott – Young Foolish Happy

Pixie Lott ― Young Foolish Happy

Two years after her first release, Pixie Lott is back with new album Young Foolish Happy, ready to reclaim her place at the top of the British pop scene after a year in America. Sadly there’s no ‘Boys and Girls’ on this record, but the #1 single ‘All About Tonight’ provides the biggest hit on the album, perfect to listen to before a night out with your friends.

Album opener ‘Come Get It Now’ isn’t Pixie’s greatest song but is pleasant enough, showcasing Pixie’s voice and hinting at her cheeky personality. ‘Nobody Does It Better’ doesn’t seem to fit in: Its over-production has managed to ruin what could have been a great song, had Pixie stuck to the gritty yet fresh sound that made her so successful in the first place.

Another great song is ‘Kiss The Stars’ with its catchy chorus and poppy rhythms, although it sounds like a rip off of Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’. ‘Everybody Hurts Sometimes’ provides the emotional moment of the album, but still doesn’t have the same heart-wrenching quality of her previous ballads. A few of the songs are fairly average which is a shame, because Pixie’s raspy voice and star quality make her a brilliant popstar and these songs let her down.

A redeeming feature is ‘Bright Lights (Good Life) Part II’. The piano intro, followed by Tinchy Stryder’s rapping and Pixie’s emotive singing, follows the perfect pop song formula and it could definitely be another big hit for her.

Miss Lott’s efforts have resulted in an album that is nowhere near as good as her debut – and if you didn’t like Pixie before, this won’t change your mind. On the other hand, if these songs were played on your next night out, there’s no way you’d be able to resist the dancefloor.