Amazon Users’ Data Exposed Due To Technical Error

Amazon made personal data of its users publicly available due to technical error, reports CNBC referring to the users who published the letters from the company.

It was told in Amazon’s letters that the issue had been solved and that the users did not have to change the password because the data had been published not due to hacker attack. The number of users who fell victims to technical error is not revealed. It is noted that the risk of phishing attack rises for the addresses which were published.

BBC reported about leakage of data of more than 80 000 of Facebook users in the beginning of October. The hackers stole and published on the Internet personal information of users from more than 200 countries, including their biographies, mobile phones and friend lists. BBC noted that hackers had data of more than 120 million accounts. It was reported in September that 50 million of Facebook users were attacked by hackers, although the company claimed that only 30 million users were attacked.

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