Bizarre Object In Ufa Sparks UFO Theories

The photo, which was taken in the skies over the Russian city Ufa, sparks new UFO theories.

A frightening photo of the foreboding phenomena said to be an alien portal by conspiracy theorists.
Some observers claimed the bizarre super-strong light beam may have been some sort of new weapons system. However, it looked literally like a portal, opening up in the sky where we had this strange light which appeared and was shining directly down towards the Earth.

You know the way those portals look in science fiction movies? That’s what it was. Obviously online community has been divided since then. Some people sup-port the idea that it was a photoshopped picture, some people believe it to be a meteorite or an asteroid burning down in the upper atmosphere. The photo does look weird because the twisted object looks so much sharper than everything else that it makes you think it cannot be real.

One thing everyone is certain about is that it looks beautiful and threatening. Well, we all wanna know what scientists have to say on the matter because so far all the theories seem irrelevant. Another possible outcome is that we will never know the truth unless people admit it was fake.

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