Japan Created “Smart” ATM To Combat Fraud

Japanese company Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions developed the first ATM with AI in Japan, it is designed to help to fight with frauds, Kyodo agency reports.

The machine is provided with several cameras which not just record video, but also analyze appearance and behavior of users. For example, if a client starts speaking on the telephone when operation is being making, the system will cancel transaction automatically, and the screen will display a corresponding notification.

The same will happen if people wearing sun glasses, masks and other things concealing their faces approach the ATM. They will have to take these accessorizes off, if they do not do it, they won’t be able to transfer or withdraw money. The machine also can learn on its own and make decisions basing on the precedents that it collected.

The company is planning to improve the technology and start producing such ATMs in 2019. It has already been tested.
Regardless to activities of policy and government of Japan, crimes connected with fraud and blackmailing happen often enough. Thus, citizens lost more than 1 billion Yen ($9.5 million) because of the frauds during the first 6 months of the current year.

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