“Yandex” To Test Its Self-Driving Car In Skolkovo

“Yandex” company will test its self-driving cars (constructed basing on Toyota Prius+ Hybrid Compact Car) in Skolkovo.

Unmanned vehicle will move around the technopolis, it will be possible to order self-driving taxi via the app “Yandex.Taxi”. If “Skolkovo” turns out to be user’s location, the user will be offered to choose a self-driving taxi and use it according to the tariff similar to ordinary taxi’s one.

Driver’s seat is taken by the company’s engineer who controls the car and who is ready to substitute autopilot in case of any issues. Only Skolkovo’s residents over 18 y.o. who agreed to participate in self-driving car testing can use it so far.
To recap, earlier, Yandex’s autonomous taxi started working in the test mode in Innopolis City University.

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